The Roundabout Rodeo

For communities contemplating their first roundabout, a truck rodeo can be a great tool for building support and addressing the concerns of freight haulers, farmers, and other users. The event invites the community to come and test a full-size replica of the roundabout in a controlled environment.

The Transportation Soundtrack II

In this final installment, we’ll listen in as the intertwined histories of popular music and transportation history explored new mediums, claimed public space, and revived old modes.

Using Regional Speeding Data to Improve Safety in Orlando

MetroPlan Orlando—the Metropolitan Planning Organization for Central Florida—uses Connected Vehicle data to identify roadways throughout the region where high speeds may be contributing to more crashes and unsafe conditions for people driving, walking, biking, or moving.

The Transportation Soundtrack

Transportation and music go hand in hand. But what does it mean when the music we listen to is about transportation? Read on to find out.

Car Dependency Starts in the Parking Lot

The way we plan and build our transportation systems has a direct impact on us. Our industry has recognized that many patterns of these transportation systems originate in the parking lot.

6 Tools for Data-Driven Decision Making

Read examples from seven transportation agencies who have tapped into data and built tools and dashboards that make decision-making on projects quicker, easier, and more informed.